Drug Treatment In New Jersey
Based on statistics in the year 2004, there were approximately 53,673 people admitted to programs related to drug rehab and addiction treatment in New Jersey. More than 43% of the admissions for drug addiction treatment were for addiction to heroin. When combined, treatment related to alcohol and drug addiction accounted for approximately 27% of people, who got admitted in treatment centers. For marijuana addiction and abuse, there were more than 6,431 addiction treatment admissions. Since, New Jersey has become a vulnerable transportation corridor for illicit drugs and money, drug abuse and addiction rates have increased in this state over the last few years. For instance, in the Newark Division, over the past year, there has been no change as such in the drug prices and trafficking activities. However, law enforcement agencies of New Jersey cannot deny the fact that a new trend of drug addiction is emerging in the state, due to the easy availability of these substances. Based on studies and investigations, not many dealers are interested in traveling to New York City, because their vehicles can be stopped for inspection. So, to overcome this security measure, DTOs (drug trafficking organizations) are buying or taking up residences in areas, where the New Jersey government cannot suspect heroin mills and stash houses.

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