Utram Detox

Utram has withdrawal symptoms relieving properties since it is similar to an opiate. Utram attaches to the opiate receptors or the endorphins located in the brain and stimulate these receptors acting like an agonist. As the doses are increased the opiates attach themselves to the receptors, and blocks the effects like a similar drug known as Naltrexone. Because of this, it is also known as a partial antagonist. The drug has an extensive duration of action and over a period weans itself from the body. Therefore, Utram detox is quite successful and the process of detoxification is made comfortable.

There are a variety of methods used to detoxify the body from the use of narcotics:
• Inpatient Detox- This is a long process and the addict is made to stay in a rehab for a stipulated period of time, and is under observation 24/7.The insurance companies generally do not pay for the patient for the entire detoxification.
• The use of suboxone is another method for Utram detoxification, a combo of buprenorphine and naloxone. This method has been approved by the FDA and is it to be practiced under medical supervision.
• Ultra Rapid Detoxification is a method of quick detoxification, and the patient is put under anesthesia, using a drug like Naltrexone and the body is 100% detoxified. The process is painful and because of the anesthesia, the procedure is made tolerable.
• Another procedure that is used and very popular is the use of methadone. Methadone is used to taper dosage of the patient and is spread over twenty-one days. The drawbacks are that it is not very successful, and the withdrawal is not comfortable since the patient uses the drug during the withdrawal period.
• The other method that is popular as well is Outpatient Utram detoxification. The process lasts for four to five days, and this method is cheaper, comfortable, and effective as well.
• The cold turkey method is also widely acknowledged but it is not recommended since the success rate is low and those successful are in minority. The withdrawal symptoms make it nearly impossible for many not to stop the abuse of Utram.
A Utram Detox Program is outlined on a out patient basis and lasts for about four to five days. The patients are taken in depending on the level of addiction, and their medical history. The entire processes are detailed to them and are made to sign a treatment contract. After which they are evaluated daily until the detoxification is complete. This is all done with them being given an understanding of the effectiveness of suboxone treatment. The initial step of the detox begins with a large dose of Utram and then drugs such as Valium, Clondine, etc are used that help with the withdrawal symptoms. The patients are seen on a daily basis, with a support person that helps them through the entire process. The prescribed doses of medicine are also given to make the detoxification as comfortable as possible. As the detox program continues the support person and the former addict receive counseling, case management and education. This is to assist the patient with the rehabilitation. After the detox is carried out, the patients are prescribed Naltrexone that causes mild discomfort, but is tolerable.

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