All round the globe there is a growing concern for drug abuse, be it heroin or prescription drugs. So also in the state of Kentucky, it is no different. There are a number of deaths a year, due to drug overdose. And it affects society at large. Rehabilitation is the key to saving a person's life and also handing him or her a new one. The easy access to all kinds of drugs, whether on the streets or online is an area the state of Kentucky should focus on. But right now, due to the entry of a potent and effective drug called Suboxone, detox is no longer a fearful thing for an addict. Genetically known as Buprenorphine, it is a better option to harsh medications like Methadone, as the patient experiences fewer withdrawal symptoms and fewer side effects. It has now become important for the state to increase the awareness of this super drug that is available for opiate dependents. Not much is being done to make addicts aware, but it is crucial that the state pools in its resources to run state medical programs for the benefit of patients.

But there is one good policy they follow. During incarceration of drug addicts, they use this period to put them on a detox program that is really beneficial. With this new drug called Suboxone, there are definitely more chances of people being completely rehabilitated. For short-term users, it would be quicker. But for long time addicts, it would have to be grouped with the right kind of counseling and therapy, along with Suboxone. Cost factor plays a role, as it is still an expensive drug, but definitely will get cheaper in the future. Resources in these prisons are quite limited so not all addicts might get help.

In East Kentucky, many physicians and doctors are certified to treat with Suboxone. Right now it is still unknown, but as Suboxone gains popularity, more and more addicts will be able to educate other addicts on the positive side of this miracle drug. Doctors too are very impressed with its benefits but feel that more doctors should be trained in Suboxone treatment. Then only would it be possible for patients to approach doctors close by. Distance to a clinic might be a reason which dissuades them taking treatment. There also is a need for medical authorities to inform doctors about Suboxone and encourage them to treat patients at their clinic. Many doctors are still unaware but can be properly informed. The poll by SAMHSA shows that there are a mere 12 certified doctors in Kentucky. All of them do make a positive effort to spread the goodness of Suboxone and encourage addicts to get detoxed, the safe and best way.

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