Drug dependence has caused havoc across the world and more so in North America. For many years now, drugs from South America and other parts of the world have found their way to wealthy and demanding customers in North America. This trend has led to millions of people getting addicted to drugs or at least using drugs at sometime or the other. Among these abused drugs, opiate drugs like heroine tops the list. In simple term, opiate addiction is now a major medical condition that has created a need for medical practitioners to deal with it. In order to deal with the ever-increasing number of opiate addiction cases, Suboxone has come as a better substitute to methadone, which was earlier used for this purpose.

Oregon with its population of around 3.5 million has not been spared with cases of opiate addiction. Intravenous drugs are very effective and the side effects are extreme. Those using intravenous drugs especially narcotics are always in danger of suffering untold complications and even death. Opiate addiction treatment was taken seriously in Europe many years back and it is in Europe, where Suboxone treatment was first legalized. Today Europe has over 1.1 million opiate addiction cases as compared to North America, where the number is more than three times than that of Europe.

In Oregon, as it is the case with many other states in USA, physicians are allowed to treat up to 100 patients within the stipulated time. This was not the case in October 2002, when Suboxone use in USA was permitted. At that time, doctors were only allowed 30 patients. The trend of opiate dependence shows that there has been a rise worldwide. This does not leave Oregon with any advantage and this shows why there is an ever-increasing need for Suboxone treatment to help thousands of patients, who are victim of bad opiate addiction habits or those who have been taking pain killers with morphine to deal with chronic pain case like cancer.

Suboxone was first used in Europe and then came to USA. It took time as a precautionary measure, to give time to the authorities to monitor its advantages. It's use in the USA was approved by FDA in October of 2002 after the Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 that made it possible to use Suboxone in treating opiate addiction. The drug came with many restrictions, since it was found out that it could be easily abused, if taken without control. Due to this, any qualified doctor who wishes to treat patients suffering from opioid addiction need to get license to do so from the government, and their records are monitored regularly.

In Oregon, there are 29 centers and approved physicians dealing with treatment and rehabilitation of opiate addiction. One of the centers dedicated with this is the Portland Metro Treatment Center. This is the biggest center in Oregon serving the great metropolitan Portland Metro area. It has many qualified opiate addiction professionals to deal with all kind of cases. There are many other doctors around the state and they can be reached by looking for their contacts in local directories or the Internet.

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