Any kind of opiate addiction is harmful. Be it harsh drugs like heroin or cocaine or prescription drugs like codeine or Valium. The mental state of an addict is affected and so is the family life. It does have a negative effect on the community as well. In the case of heroin and cocaine, the rate of addiction has been the same for sometime. But state authorities have seen an increase in the consumption of club drugs like Ecstasy, LSD and GHB at private parties, mostly in Nashville & Knoxville. Now with the entry of a new drug known as Suboxone, there is hope for all opioid dependents. It has been proved that the drug known as methadone, used in detoxification programs, is actually quite addictive by nature, and could be harmful after a lengthy use. But Suboxone on the other hand is a much safer option as it has a very low addictive nature and eases the withdrawal symptoms in an addict. It is a new age drug that is beneficial to addicts in Tennessee and gives them a great option to detox.

There are DEA Mobile and Regional Enforcement Teams that are necessary in identifying and incarcerating offenders and suppliers of drugs. During these raids there are a lot of addicts that are charged but then offered rehabilitation as an alternative. And now there is an increase in the number of doctors and physicians who are certified to treat opioid dependents. There are quite a few health care and detox programs run by the state, which educate people on the benefits of Suboxone. There are clinics in Tennessee like Focus Healthcare that basically focuses on making Suboxone available with the right kind of overall treatment, like counseling, diet, and personal attention. The FDA has approved it and has also permitted quite a few physicians and doctors in using it as a recourse treatment and is also categorized under the Schedule III Drug. One important thing they need to do is spread more awareness of the benefits of Suboxone and also make it available to all addicts, rich or poor. As of now it is more expensive than the normal methadone that is used. So those who can't afford it, would not come forward for the treatment. More state-run detox programs are required.

The CADCAT has even hosted a public forum on substance abuse, which is one way of getting to addicts. Along with the company Reckitt Benckiser, it is making progress in helping addicts. There are quite a few certified and reliable physicians all of them share a common goal and that is to make drug abusers aware of this amazing drug called Suboxone. It can change their life for the better. Awareness programs should be taken out on a large scale so it would be easier to save lives and to change the face of the community.

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