37 government approved physicians and centers carry out Suboxone treatment in Wisconsin. These centers are well distributed to see to it that no matter where you are from in Wisconsin, you will get to the nearest physician dealing with Suboxone treatment. Suboxone is used to treat opiate dependence, which might be the result due to the normal drug addiction habit or in the case of patients suffering from severe pain, who have been taking opioid drugs for a long period of time. These patients end up developing chronic opiate dependence, which needs to be treated over a long period of time, leading to rehabilitation.

In Wisconsin just like many other states in USA, doctors can treat up to 100 patients within the stipulated time, unlike in 2002 when Suboxone use in USA was allowed to treat only 30 patients. The trend of opiate dependence shows that there has been a rise worldwide. This does not leave Wisconsin as a better place without opiate dependence. So, it is for sure there has been a great need for Suboxone treatment to help thousands of patients in need of this drug treatment in Wisconsin too.

Suboxone was first used in Europe, where there are more than 1.1 million opiate dependence cases. FDA approved its use in the USA in October of 2002 after the Drug Addiction Treatment Act of 2000 that made it possible to use Suboxone in treating opiate addiction. The drug came with many restrictions, since it was found out that it could be easily abused, if taken without control. Due to this, any qualified doctor, who wishes to treat patients suffering from opioid addiction need to get license to do so from the government authorities and his records are monitored regularly.

Treatment of opioid addiction patience in Wisconsin was done with the use of methadone, but then it was seen that this was not so effective. The state adopted the national laws governing Suboxone treatment, soon after it was put in place to help more patients. Methadone was not so effective because only few centers were available, where one could get the treatment. Methadone was also taking a lot of time to heal the patients and the methods and procedures of its administration were much more complicated. However, Suboxone is easier to use, since the drug is placed under the tongue in the doctor's office and in a matter of 10 to 20 minutes, it is dissolved into the body.

Some of the centers offering Suboxone treatment in Wisconsin include Fond du Lac Psychiatry, which for years has been dealing with patients suffering from chronic pain and those addicted to opioid. There is also Wisconsin Community Mental Health Counseling Center, which is run by a number of highly qualified government approved Suboxone physicians. Wisconsin Opiate Management Services is another center that helps to treat and rehabilitate patients suffering from chronic pain and those using addictive opiates. There are other Suboxone physicians across Wisconsin and they can be reached by checking their location from the Internet or from the local directories.

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