It is a partial agonist opioiod medication classified as schedule III. It contains Buprenorphine which is the main opioid component of Suboxone. It also contains naloxone which is an opiate antagonist to deter patients from injecting the medication.Please refer to the manufacturer website for more details.

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What is Suboxone used for?
It is FDA approved for office based treatment of opiate addiction. When used appropriately, it can significantly reduce cravings and withdrawals during the process of treatment of opiate addiction.Please refer to the manufacturer website for more details.

How is Suboxone taken?
Buprenorphine (Bupe) is most effective when the pill is placed under the tongue untill it completely disolves. This medicine is destroyed to a great extent by the liver and this technique by pass the liver. Please refer to the manufacturer website for more details.

Is Suboxone habit forming?
This medication contains a partial opiate and therefore it is habbit forming however much less than full opiate agonists. Weaning patients off Suboxone can be achieved in a relatively shorter duration than in the case of other stronger opiates.Please refer to the manufacturer website for more details.

In what setting can Suboxone be used?
Bupe has been used in outpatient, inpatient as well as in drug rehab setting. We have found Suboxone to be most useful in outpatient maintenance and detox without the need for hospitalization, however, each patient is different.

Is Suboxone used for maintenance or detox?
Buprenorphine can be used for maintenance or detoxification from pain killer or other opiate dependence. It should be noted, however, that Suboxone detox is not a treatment in itself but is only the first step in the recovery process.

Can Suboxone be used alone?
The best results have been achieved when Buprenorphine is combined with a comprehensive counseling and education program. This is why we offer Suboxone treatment in combination with face to face and phone counseling as well as online group education.

What Suboxone programs does Soft Landing offer?
We offer outpatient detoxification and maintenance programs in the state of Illinois. We do our best to transition the patients from pain killers or other opiates to Suboxone medication in a comfortable, private and professional setting.

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When should Suboxone induction take place?
Induction should be initiated when the patient is suffering from a withdrawal syndrome. If this is not the case or if Suboxone is started shortly after another opiate has been taken there is a possibility of inducing a precipitated withdrawal. Suboxone induction should only be carried out under the guidance of a qualified physician.

What is the starting dose for Suboxone?
The recommended starting dose for Suboxone is usually 2-4 mg given under the tongue. Patient's requirements are different and Suboxone escalating doses will depend on the patient's response to the initial dose and should only be determined by the physician and the patient.

What is the usual maintenance dose of Suboxone?
This may vary greatly and may range from 2 to 32 mgs daily. In our experience most patients do well at a dose of 8-16 mg of Suboxone. The maintenance dose can only be determined by the treating physician.

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