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Day Treatment Program

Addiction Treatments Beyond Opioids

Our Day Treatment Program (Day Treatment) is designed to help those who are caught somewhere in the middle of the treatment process. If you have completed inpatient or residential treatment, or your dependence on drugs or alcohol does not warrant long-term residential treatment, Day Treatment through Soft Landing Recovery provides the appropriate balance between structured treatment and independent living.

To be accepted as a Day Treatment patient, you must have achieved and/or possess a level of stability that will allow you to fully engage in the program’s intensive therapies and interventions, without requiring round-the-clock supervision or care. This comprehensive outpatient treatment program is offered Monday – Friday, allowing you to rejoin family and friends at the end of each day.

Consider Soft Landing Recovery’s Day Treatment Program for the additional support needed after residential treatment, or if you can’t commit to a traditional inpatient stay, are looking for a more flexible program and have a great deal of support from friends and family.

Soft Landing Recovery can provide the care you need in an outpatient setting, giving you the tools you need to stay sober, reclaim your life and finally achieve long-lasting recovery.

To schedule an appointment or to get more information for yourself or someone you love, contact Soft Landing Recovery today.

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