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  1. Soft Landing Recovery will host an important town hall discussion on intervention, pathways to care and relapse prevention

    The Holidays and Addiction: What Every Family Needs to Know

    Date: Tuesday, December 19, 2017

    Time: 7:00 PM

    Location: Wentz Concert Hall at North Central College

    171 E. Chicago Ave., Naperville, IL 60540

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  2. Soft Landing Recovery opens new treatment center in Palos Heights, IL.

    Soft Landing Recovery CEO Chris Hassan speaks with Palos Heights Mayor Bob Straz outside the company’s new addiction treatment center at 11925 S. Harlem Ave.

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  3. Count On Life Expectancy Plummeting If We Stick To Same Old Way Of Treating Opioid Addiction – Chris Hassan From HuffPost

    Soft Landing Recovery CEO Chris Hassan responds with solutions to reverse this trend by changing the standard approach to opioid addiction treatment immediately.

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  4. The Dangers of Separation Of Services In Opioid Addiction Treatment – Chris Hassan From HuffPost

    In his June 11th HuffPost article, Soft Landing Recovery CEO Chris Hassan describes the need for “a full continuum of care” rather than the current separation of services in treating opioid addiction. In medication-assisted treatment, the key is in the “assist.” The last 25 years have seen breakthroughs in treating the disease of addiction that…

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  5. Soft Landing Recovery CEO Chris Hassan’s Recent HuffPost Article On The Moral Imperative To Address America’s Opioid Addiction Crisis

    In his HuffPost debut, Soft Landing Recovery CEO Chris Hassan makes the case for the moral imperative and financial reasons to address America’s opioid addiction crisis. The Opioid Iceberg Dead Ahead In The Sea Of ACA Repeal Our national conversation surrounding the repeal of the ACA has centered around recognizable chronic disease such as cancer,…

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  6. Soft Landing Recovery Performs One of the First Probuphine Implants in the State of Illinois

    On March 27th, 2017 Dr. Dora Dixie, Soft Landing Recovery’s Medical Director, performed one of the first Probuphine Implants in the state of Illinois. Probuphine is the first implant designed to provide patients suffering from opioid addiction with a constant, long-acting dose of buprenorphine to help reduce the desire for opioids and the withdrawal symptoms…

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  7. Chicago Tribune Article: New Highland Park treatment center aims to break cycle of opioid dependence.

    Paul Getzendanner says that nine out of 10 patients who try to break free from heroin or painkillers relapse, a statistic he feels is partly due to treatment settings that insulate patients from a daily routine. Prior to joining Soft Landing Recovery, Getzendanner worked for two addiction recovery programs that provided 30 days of residential…

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