On March 27th, 2017 Dr. Dora Dixie, Soft Landing Recovery’s Medical Director, performed one of the first Probuphine Implants in the state of Illinois. Probuphine is the first implant designed to provide patients suffering from opioid addiction with a constant, long-acting dose of buprenorphine to help reduce the desire for opioids and the withdrawal symptoms associated with addiction. Implanted in the shoulder area, Probuphine is FDA approved to provide up to 12 months of relief. Probuphine is not a first line of defense; it is prescribed for those who are already undergoing treatment and monitoring, and are stable on low-to-moderate doses of other forms of buprenorphine, such as Suboxone. Once a patient is clinically stable on oral medication and progressing in his or her recovery, Probuphine may be used to replace the daily regimen of pill or film, offering patients the benefits of buprenorphine without the need for daily medication or frequent office visits.

Click here to watch a video about new opioid addiction treatment options which appeared on WGN on April 10, 2017. To learn more about the benefits of Probuphine Implants, contact us at: 1-888-782-6966.